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PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2022 9:56 am 
Super Extreme
Super Extreme
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It is a shame and a bore but bitter experience elsewhere has shown we need rules.

* The Forums are never to be used to advertise or promote anything or anyone.

* The Forums are for the purpose of exchanging useful information and ideas.

* It is ok to gently tease someone you know when you're are sure they can take it but please - no personal insults or attacks.

* All posts should be suitable for reading by minors.

* Disagreement, debate and even good-natured argument is ok... flaming is not. This includes posts that are "anti" the admins... we can take criticism but we won't put up with personal insults.

* Please don't discuss illegal methods of obtaining programs, tracks, etc.

* Though we will listen to your ideas and are happy to let you disagree with us, this is not a democracy. The buck stops with us admins so we must have the final say.

* Some posts or threads maybe deleted or edited. If you would like to know why, please contact us.

* It is mandatory that you have fun.

We love good-natured teasing of friends here, but we HATE flaming. This site is a safe haven for all and no one should feel "got at", bullied or insulted.

I hope the following examples give you the idea.

* Screaming in mock horror when an old friend arrives is gentle teasing. Hitting a mate over the head with a dead trout when they are daft is gentle teasing. Pretending to die horribly when a friend "sings" is gentle teasing.

* Making belittling comments about the size of someone’s genitalia is flaming. Making fun of someone’s appearance, their use of English, difficulty with spelling, their sexuality or their race is flaming.

I am very sad to say I have seen ALL of these flames used elsewhere as "a joke."They will NOT be tolerated here.

Spamming is when you...

* Make a long series of posts that say virtually nothing

* Hijack someone else’s thread to have a gossip session

* Make meaningless posts just to build up your post count

If you do this, the admins may warn you. After that, your posts may start to disappear.

Let's keep it clean, clever, positive, informative and humorous. Let's all have a great time.

Thank you and enjoy!

Karaoke Scene
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